4 Ways to Build Your College Admissions Resume with Summer Camp

Posted March 7, 2014 by

High school students are coming up to a once-in-a-lifetime dilemma – have fun in the sun and play games all Summer? Or spend some Summer time to work on your college admissions resume?


At Camp Inc. in Boulder, CO, we think, why not both? When college admissions offices are so overwhelmed with the sheer number of admissions they receive each year, it’s tough to be noticed among the mountains of paperwork. To stand out, high school students (especially juniors and seniors) are highly encouraged to start on their college admissions resume early in the calendar year so they’re not crunched for time at the end of the summer.

Once a general college admissions resume is sketched out – academic profile, honors/awards, skills, co-curricular activities, etc. – it’s time to amp it up with summer camp! Here are 4 ways to build a college admissions resume, specifically with skills learned from overnight summer camp. (Both juniors and seniors still have time to add an overnight camp to their resume with Camp Inc.’s summer 2014 camp programs coming up.)

1. Be Specific – Attending an entrepreneurial overnight summer camp teaches how to highlight ideal skills and talents with confidence (and without bravado). Already decided on a college major to pursue? Call it out and be specific on the college admissions resume right from the start. It shows ambition and drive to the individuals reading the college admissions resume.

2. Use Active Voice –  Action words have a greater impact on the audience. Business summer camp teaches how to say “At summer camp, I learned the top entrepreneurial skills I need to start my business,” instead of “At summer camp, I was able to learn about top entrepreneurial skills I would need to start my business.”

3. Embrace Community – Community participation, such acamp-projects volunteer work, is a huge boost on college admission resumes as it highlights valuable experience in both a personal and professional capacity. Bring attention to participation in summer camps as many have a community aspect. Take the example of Camp Inc. where all summer camp program levels incorporate community by meeting with successful entrepreneurs, touring local Boulder startups and businesses, and identifying with the larger Jewish community.

4. Highlight Summer Camp – For many students, college is a starkly different world than high school – more demanding, yet with new freedoms that can be tough to balance. Participating in an overnight summer camp is the ideal preparation for a new situation like college, and the “real world” after that, too! It has all the elements needed in this next stage of life: team building challenges, leadership activities, entrepreneurial tasks to turn an idea into a viable business, networking skills, and much more.

Interested in summer camp? The Camp Inc. program offers two-week sessions for campers entering 7th and 8th grade and three-week sessions for campers entering 9th-12th grade. Learn more about Camp Inc.’s overnight summer camp programs here.