5 Fast-Growing Industries to Start a Business In 2014

Posted May 8, 2014 by

With the economy still growing at a slow, gradual pace, you might be wondering if it’s really a smart idea to start a business right now. While it’s perpetually a tough market to start a new business, consider asking yourself, “If not now, when?” Scratch that entrepreneurial itch, and discover which of the following five viable industries you might start a business in this year:

Home Improvement and Home Remodelingteen bedroom

While the popularity of DIY home improvement continues to grow (in part because of a surge of home improvement television shows), for both small and large jobs, home improvement specialists will always be needed. Start from the ground up by learning the basics of carpentry, then gradually pick specialty home categories like tiling, painting, plumbing, etc. and learn them one by one. (You can also go about this process by focusing on the elements per room – bathroom, bedroom, garage, etc.) Target homeowners without the time or skills to do the project themselves, offer a fantastic customer service experience, and you’ll be well on your way to booking your next job again and again.


Architecture / Building Construction

This category of architecture and building construction is a mixed bag because you have to be versatile to start and flexible to survive. Consider that while the human population on Earth is rising constantly, the landscape of construction is ever-changing. For example, while the housing bust occurred after a surge in single-family homes, some wonder if a new housing bubble is emerging with the current surge in massive apartment complexes. Just as you need to be flexible and adapt to the market demand in residential construction (such as from single-family homes to apartment complexes), the same goes for commercial construction where complex zoning laws and building codes will keep you on your toes.

teen architecture


Technical Computer & Security Consulting

As the Internet of Things continues to grow at a rapid pace – and unfortunately the opportunity for security flaws to be exploited matches that pace – technical computer skills and IT security consulting is needed just as much. This category has massive potential for you to learn new skills within and help small businesses as a consultant to protect themselves online, as well as work within larger IT teams for large national or international companies.


Social Network Gaming

Perhaps not surprisingly, social network gaming has been on the rise in line with the worldwide adoption of social network sites, most notably Facebook. Social games like Farm Town and The Sims Social are popular examples of a new kind of gaming that has a more casual culture associated with it and is more accessible to a wide ranging audience not seen in gaming before. It’s not all about the new user opportunity though – instead a good focus is on providing another way to evolve the term “community” and connect more people with one another.


Alternative, Green, and Sustainable Energies

As the population and global warming both continue to grow, so does our environmental awareness. This allows for a veritable boom in the alternative or “green” energies to help move off from dependence on oil and other limited natural resources, and onto neverending natural resources such as the sun and wind. The sustainable energies category is ripe for those with creative thinking skills, passion for the natural world, and strong business and leadership skills.