A Unique Perspective on Camp Inc.

Posted July 25, 2016 by

By YunXiang Via, Executive Boy, Sessions 1 and 2

_DSF0154The day after the end of high school entrance exam, I had flown to US and joined the Camp Inc.——-the Jewish camp about business.

During the two sessions—–five weeks, I have learned how to make a basic start-up company, how to do the market design, including the skills of research, investigation, Google service and some design APPs.

Besides, it’s also my first time being with Jewish people, which is respected by the Chinese due to their history and success. In this camp, I saw something that I had never heard about, like Shabbat, Hebrew songs, and different interesting games.

My good roommates and friends are the most important part of those 35 days.

Thanks to them, I learned basketball skills and dancing for the first time; I could not feel lonely while I am the only Chinese person in this camp and shared happiness with each other by playing sports, playing card games and interesting conversations.

The biggest challenge for me is the language, which made me feel in a daze and sleepy in the inc hours, work hours, and games and interviews. However, the counselors helped me so much that at least I can catch the main idea of the classes.

But every coin has two sides. The language problems mean that I can’t talk as much as I want. And it also means I can have more space and time to think about something, such as the plans of my senior year of high school, the wider view from the book, and some of my thoughts about life. After 5 weeks, I have a clearer mind and goal for myself.

Although I couldn’t understand all of the entrepreneur interviews, they are still the most meaningful part for me in this camp. These people have done something very successful while they are very young——they are just 1 or 2 years older, or even younger than me. It reminds me that the thing that you are dreaming about is not as difficult as you think. Sometimes we just have the fear of trying out something, then we miss it forever.

The campers are from many different places. I saw them have fun together, and argue with each other. “A liked B, while C hate B”. It’s very frequent in this camp. Though each person in this camp seemed to have many shortcomings, without doubt, each person has his own advantage. Because of this, I am able to learn a lot from their own words, from their own work, from their own talent, and from their own unique smiles.

After this camp, I will go back to China immediately and begin the most difficult part of life for Chinese teenagers——-senior year of high school. I believe that this experience will help me a lot, and will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

YunXiang Via camp to Camp Inc. from China for five weeks to learn about business and marketing.