It’s Not Just About the Money: 6 Teen Entrepreneurs Improving Our World

Posted May 14, 2015 by

Some innovators become entrepreneurs for the money; others become entrepreneurs because they believe so strongly in the power of their ideas that they need to have them realized. With so much chaos in the world, teens are finding more motivation than ever to affect a change, giving rise to a new generation of creative problem […]

8 Ways To Stimulate Your Teen’s Use of the Internet in a Positive Light

Posted May 11, 2015 by

Since such a wide array of (sometimes less than wholesome) information and activities are available online, it can be a major source of anxiety for parents who wonder how their teenagers are spending their time on the internet. You may find yourself worrying if your teen is spending too much time on social media, poking […]

Countdown to TEDxTeen in May 2015 on its 5-Year Anniversary

Posted May 5, 2015 by

As a teen with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, you may run into some resistance from naysayers who dismiss you as being too young. On the flipside, you may hear some people say, “Teens are our future.” Both sentiments are missing the mark. Teens everywhere are introducing and implementing concepts that are changing the world […]

6 Ways Teens Manage Technology, School, and Their Social Life (and How Parents Can Relax About It)

Posted April 30, 2015 by

When kids enter their teenage years, their parents are forced to learn how to take a step back and let them begin to steer their own lives. Admittedly, this can be a little nerve-wracking — life is so fragile, and the teenage years are so formative and challenging. Technology isn’t what it used to be, […]

18 Celebrities That Attended Jewish Summer Camp

Posted April 27, 2015 by

For decades now, going off to summer camp has become an American-Jewish cultural tradition.  Given the number of kids who attend Jewish summer camps over the years, it’s not surprising to learn that so many have grown up to become successful celebrities. Sleep-away programs such as Camp Ramah and Surprise Lake Camp made it possible […]