Bright Idea Winners Receive Free Session to Camp Inc.

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Bright Idea Bulb 343x223For the inaugural Camp Inc. overnight Jewish summer camp experience in 2014, we offered all teen entrepreneurs a chance to win a FREE session at Camp Inc.

We had an amazing response from budding teen entrepreneurs near and far that submitted their bright ideas of a new product or service to be eligible to win a free summer camp session for the summer of 2014.

We’re proud to announce the top 3 best entrepreneurial idea submissions that ALL receive a free session at Camp Inc. this summer! Each of the top 3 winners received the same amount of votes, so it was a 3-way tie. So without further ado, here are Camp Inc.’s Top 3 Bright Ideas Winners in alphabetical order:


Aspen Perlick – Current 6th grade girl in Boulder

“My bright idea is manufacturing and selling 100% recycled iPhone cases. Many people have iPhones, and iPhone cases that are not made out of recycled material. People would buy these recycled iPhone cases because they would have just as many fun, cool, and elaborate designs as any normal iPhone case. The purpose of manufacturing these cases is to help save global warming and essentially make an impact on the world. The company name would be Maple Bark, and the slogan would be “cases for a better world” or “a new start.” Hopefully this animoto video will help you have a better understanding of my idea” —


Yarden Kelmann – Current 6th grade boy from Englewood

“My bright idea is heated ski poles. They will be powered by rechargeable batteries stored in the pole. The heat element will be located inside of the hand grips. The heat can be turned on and off and adjusted when needed. I think the world needs this product because many skiers encounter the problem of having frigid fingers, needing to stop and get warm.  The heated ski pole will help prevent that problem so that people can have more fun skiing on a cold day.  The heated ski pole is for all skiers of all ages all over the world who want extra warmth on their hands while skiing.”


Zach Berenbaum – Current 6th grade boy from Denver

“My bright idea is a service, specifically a job agency for 10-13 year olds who want to earn money. They would apply to the agency and pay a small fee for sign up. Once accepted, they would get classes on the jobs they might do, how to do them, and how to be professional. In addition, we would also have people who need work to be done sign up on our website for free and pay the agency every time the agency sends a worker to do the job. The workers would select a job they think they can do and get paid by the hour. The people or businesses who are looking for workers would pay a certain amount of money to us per hour of work and per worker. We would give some of that money to the workers, keeping a portion of it as profit.

People would use this service because kids want money and 10-13 year olds have trouble finding jobs that pay. For instance, I have trouble finding jobs that pay more then $1. People would use this agency because it would cost less than hiring somebody else like a janitor.

Workers would do things like mow lawns, sweep/mop floors, cleaning out the garage, helping get the garden ready for summer, walking dogs, helping getting class rooms ready for the new school year,etc. For security reasons, we would interview both the workers and the ones who benefit from the work.”


Thank you to all of our applicants

Thank you to each and every person who entered their idea or service into the Bright Ideas Contest at Camp Inc. We’re excited to offer a free summer camp session to each of the three Bright Ideas winners highlighted above at Camp Inc. in Boulder.

We hope you’ll join as well! Camp Inc. is a Boulder-based Jewish overnight summer camp for 7th-12th graders and is focused on youth entrepreneurship and business. Check out all our available summer camp programs here and this summer’s camp dates here.