Bringing Back the Brackets

Posted July 19, 2015 by

By Carolyn Shillinglaw, Business Specialist

Peel Seal SponsorsThis past Friday night one of our companies sponsored a ping pong tournament. It combined the best of both worlds: a serious business event with the silliness a summer camp is supposed to have. Peel Seal endorsed three athletes and outfitted them with official Peel Seal gear. Campers went head to head with counselors. Plus there were plenty of sweatbands, high socks, and ruach to go around.

A summer camp should be filled with cheers. During this ping pong tournament you could hear campers rooting for their bunkmates, counselors, and for Peel Seal’s accomplishment. The smiles and high fives between campers proved the success of the event. At the end I watched the Peel Seal team members congratulate each other on a job well done and form an even stronger team bond.

By the end of the event Peel Seal knew two things. First that everyone on camp knew what their business was about. Second that they could still have fun while developing their business model. Showing campers the fun a business can create is a huge part of Camp Inc. All campers are working extremely hard for their final pitch on Tuesday, but it was incredible for everyone to take a break and see the good a business can do.

The traditional overnight summer camp piece of Camp Inc. is something I hope we never lose sight of. Campers are learning how to attack the market through water balloon fights, creating guerrilla marketing campaigns by hosting ping pong tournaments, practicing public speaking through improv, and developing team building while solving human knots. The top notch business program is built into our everyday schedule, however it is the feeling of putting on a successful tournament or hitting your business specialist with a water balloon that I have a feeling campers will remember for years to come.

Be on the look out for more brackets, ruach, and happiness in the Camp Inc. community during our last few days of second session.