Camp Inc. Forms Partnership with University of Colorado B-School Class

Posted September 3, 2013 by
Chief Camp Office Josh Pierce introduces Camp Inc. to the class at CU Boulder

Chief Camp Office Josh Pierce introduces Camp Inc. to the class at CU Boulder

Camp Inc. is excited to team up with a Marketing Research class at the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business for the fall semester.  Lead by Abby Schneider, this undergraduate class focuses on teaching students how to identify important questions facing businesses and what tools are needed to answer these questions.  The goal is to provide consumer insights in order to help businesses make intelligent decisions.

Divided into 10 teams, the class will spend the semester conducting research for Camp Inc.  Each team will be assigned a specific area to research including how best to reach a targeted Facebook audience, the most effective key words used in Google Adwords, as well as when surveyed in person, what do people like and dislike about Camp Inc.’s website and marketing materials.  Camp Inc. will be supplying the class with real world problems in marketing and research that need to be solved in order to effectively recruit campers for the summer of 2014.

Says Camp Inc. Chief Camp Office Josh Pierce “Given that Camp Inc. is in a growing, but currently non-existent, market within overnight camps, people generally are not searching for ‘entrepreneurial overnight camp’ directly.  This means that we will need very in depth research to tell us exactly where our ad budget should be spent so we can quickly and efficiently get our product in front of the right people.

The partnership provides an opportunity for students to engage in experiential learning that will have a real and valuable impact on the growth of Camp Inc.

According to Schneider: “Not only will my students’ work benefit a local, socially-conscious organization but also, it will benefit the future campers who share my students’ passion for business and leadership. It’s very exciting that working with Camp Inc. will not only give my students a first-hand look into what marketing research is but also, it will give them the opportunity to make a difference at the same time.”

For Camp Inc, the research the students conduct will provide the business with a better understanding of its target audience as well as useful feedback on marketing practices that can be improved upon going forward. In addition, Camp Inc. will gain first-hand contact with possible future interns, part-time workers, and summer staff.

Adds Schneider:  “This is a case where business students are working for a business oriented camp. It will not only be a learning opportunity for my students but also an opportunity for them to share their passion for business.”