Camp Inc. Start-up

Posted June 22, 2016 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

Day 2 at Camp Inc. started like many other days at camp.  The magpies were singing, the sun was shinning, and the smell of business was in the air.  Today was the first business visit of the session, and Hala Boards did not disappoint.Hala_XPRO_0621_77

After breakfast, the campers boarded the two camp buses, affectionately named Fred and Ginger, and headed into town to Hala Boards.  We were met and greeted by the Pavla Mertlik, who is the Industrial Designer for the company.  Peter Hall, the founder and CEO joined us shortly.  Peter introduced the campers to his inflatable stand up paddleboard.  He told the campers the story of when, how, and why he decided to create an inflatable paddleboard, and also shared what made his products unique.  The campers had some amazing questions, and Peter answered them all.  After the discussion was over with Peter, Cash handed him a mentor gift and we all said goodbye.  As an added bonus, Peter is even letting Camp Inc. test two of his boards on Thursday at the Stage Coach Reservoir, which is just amazing.

CICAFEA short bus ride and we were back to camp and back to work.  The Explores headed to their Marketing Track, while the other campers went to their various activities.  In the Inc. 2 session for the Apprentices, each camper was given the assignment to come up with three individual products or services that they would like to work on.  The end result was a list of 9 realistic ideas.  The campers then had to write down their top three favorite products or services and they find out tomorrow what product or service they will be working on, and who will be on their teams.  So, stayed tuned for more Inc. time updates to come.

After an amazing dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs, we started our evening program, a game by the name of SKITTLES.  All of camp, including the counselors, business specialists, and the nurse ran around the camp and had a great time.  After all the running, everyone was ready for a hot shower and a good rest.

Anna Smith is a high school teacher who specializes in Business, Social Studies, and Special Education.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling around the world, taking pictures, and swimming.  She comes from a large Italian family and loves to cook.  This is her second summer at Camp Inc.!