Camper Confidence

Posted July 12, 2015 by

IMG_9882Campers have been broken into their business teams for a couple of days now. They have developed products, services, team names, assigned roles, and started to research their target markets. The range of topics is incredible. Teams are working on everything from non-profits in Africa to applications that make texting safer for teens. All businesses here are in full bloom.

We are not only growing businesses but campers too. Campers learn a ton in the two and half weeks they are here. They learn from their business specialist, counselors, guests, but they best way they learn is from each other. During the first Inc (business) period the Explorers wrote down what they were experts in and what they felt they were good at. They shared this information with their peers and I have already seen campers asking each other for advice based on their expertise. Campers are sharing their award winning math skills and even their knowledge about Seinfeld.

Teammates are pushing each other to become better public speakers, more outgoing, and to think outside of the box. They are there to support each other when a team member spits out a crazy idea while brainstorming or when someone has a fear of presenting. Campers encourage each other to try new things and get out of their comfort zone.

Today we developed surveys, worked on one-sentence pitches, and interviewed each other.

I can’t wait to see these campers continue to develop their business skills and become even more confident young adults. When campers return from Camp Inc. at the end of the summer.

Carolyn is a Business Specialist. She recently graduated from Tulane University where she studied Child Psychology and Social Entrepreneurship. This is Carolyn’s second year at Camp Inc. and 15th year at Jewish sleep away camp. You can find her rocking a backwards hat and high socks while dancing around camp.