The Timeless Lesson of Good Communication

Posted July 15, 2016 by

By Landon Braverman, Jewish Educator and Song Leader In this past week’s parsha, we learned the story of Korach, who incites a mutiny against Moses. Instead of approaching peacefully to discuss his grievances, Korach rallies his tribe to rise up against him. God responds by opening up the earth and swallowing the mutineers in a […]

Session 2 in Full Swing!

Posted July 11, 2016 by

We welcomed 39 Session 2 campers to camp and we have had an incredible time! Campers and Staff have had an amazing first Shabbat and then Camp Inc. jumped right into a regular full day schedule of Inc. Time, Cabin Time, Electives and Brain breaks. Camp Inc. starts the day at flag with songs, flag-raising, Modei […]

Kickoff to Session 2!

Posted July 8, 2016 by

By Josh Pierce, Chief Camp Officer What an amazing arrival day for the second session of Camp Inc.!  We started the day with a handful of staff and 4 multi-session campers and finished with 39 campers, and 30 staff. The dining hall was full of ruach and sloppy joes! The theme of the day was “Welcome Home”, […]

Everything Comes Together

Posted July 3, 2016 by

By Jack Rosenthal, Coding Specialist   This past week has been a blast in the coding track. After we finished covering introductory material on Sunday, the campers headed to Boulder to learn about businesses there on Monday and Tuesday. Along the way, the Coding Track campers got to take a trip to Google’s Boulder office.   The Google […]

The Power of Believing in Yourself

Posted July 1, 2016 by

By Jordyn Steifman, Jewish Educator This week’s parsha, Shelach, tells the story of twelve spies, one from each tribe of Israel, who were sent by Moses to scout the land of Canaan. Moses instructs the men to explore the region and its inhabitants—to discover if those who dwelled on the land were strong or weak, […]