Camp Inc. Startup Team Update: TapTask Prepares to Launch Kickstarter Campaign

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TapTask Update: The Revolution Continues!

By Brennen Bliss


TapTask is a Near Field Communication (NFC) based startup company designed by four Camp Inc. campers, Brennen Bliss, Sam Plotnick, Brandon Weissman, and Eric Factor, and currently under development by Brennen Bliss and Brandon Weissman.


taptask video filming

Brennen & Brandon film their Kickstarter video

TapTask is developing custom designed NFC stickers that allow you to perform redundant tasks on your phone with the tap of a physical sticker.  From connecting to Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop or at home, to playing your workout playlist when you start the treadmill, to turning on and off your networked lights, simply tap your phone against a beautiful waterproof and durable sticker with any picture or icon you choose by uploading it to our website before you buy your TapTask Tag! Using the drag-and-drop interface on our website, you are able to program the stickers visually without any technical knowledge (except knowing how to turn on a computer) and have them shipped, pre-programmed, right to your doorstep!


TapTask: Welcome to the NFC revolution

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Stay tuned for details on our Kickstarter Crowd Funding campaign that we are aiming to launch in October, 2014.

Watch TapTask pitch their idea at Camp Inc. Tank, Summer 2014, where each startup team presents their company in an all-camp pitch competition to a “Shark Tank” style panel of investors and entrepreneurs.


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