Community and Creativity: Why You Should Start Your Business in Boulder

Posted March 14, 2014 by

Boulder Entrepreneurial Community


Known for its many thriving businesses and startups, Boulder has a strong community offering support and mentorship to each new entrepreneur looking for the perfect place to put down roots.

While Boulder is technically on the small side (population-wise) when compared with cities like Denver, New York City, or Los Angeles, it has one of the highest ratios of entrepreneurs and startups across the country. (Read how Boulder grew over time in Inc. Magazine’s article on Boulder here.) The smaller city feel contributes to the accessibility of others, such as Brad Feld, one of Camp Inc.’s partners and presenters. Brad founded the Foundry Group, which is Boulder’s biggest software and Internet venture capital firm, as well as TechStars, which is a “mentor-driven accelerator.” Both companies put new entrepreneurs in reach of some of the greatest names in startup history – local and national.

Entrepreneurial Creativity in Boulder, CO

What makes Boulder so special is not just the extremely supportive community, but the way that Boulder entrepreneurs connect with one another. Boulderites are highly creative and reach beyond the traditional methods of startup incubators and the like (although that isn’t to say they’re not extremely proud of such creative businesses like TechStars).

Take the Denver Boulder Tech Meetup started by Robert Reich as an example. Boasting over 10,000 New Tech members who vie for a seat at the monthly meetups, the Meetup group is one of the largest community-run tech meetups in the country and it’s all about connecting members with needed resources. Boulder also hosts over a dozen coworking spaces where entrepreneurs not only come to work, but to collaborate and connect.

Camp Inc. Aerial View

Aerial View of Camp Inc.’s Mountain Location

Boulder is a place where new entrepreneurs can mix their passions for business, an active lifestyle, and an engaged community all into one. And it’s why Camp Inc. believes their location in the mountains just outside Boulder, CO, is so vital to their overnight summer camp participants – so that each budding entrepreneur has access to one of the most energizing and supportive entrepreneurial communities from around the world.