CU Market Research Class Presents Final Research Projects

Posted December 16, 2013 by

The three final groups in Abby Schneider’s Market Research class at the University of Colorado presented their final research projects today, with Camp Inc. CCO Josh Pierce, serving as the judge.


Focusing on specific research areas; programming, communication to potential campers, and motivation of parents of campers on selecting a specific camp, each group presented their methods of research, findings, and limitations.


After a morning of solid presentations, Pierce selected the third group focused on camper motivation as the winners.

According to Pierce, the groups diverse approach to their research, including on-line surveys and in-person research, as well their easy to understand presentation of their research made them the clear-cut winners.


Camp Inc.’s Josh Pierce congratulates the winning team.

Camp Inc. was thrilled with the work done by the CU class and looks forward to many continued partnerships with Leeds School of Business and CU.