Even More Than I Expected

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By Rebecca Perl, 12th Grade Camper, Session 2, 2014

val & rebecca face paint_lrI stepped off of the plane at the Denver airport in a Camp Inc. sweatshirt and had no idea what I was walking into. A few months before July 16th, my best friend Valerie called me and told me that she was going to a farming business camp in Colorado and she wanted me to come with her. After a few days of talking with my parents and thinking about whether or not this was something that I wanted to do, I decided yes. I had never been to overnight camp before, other than my USY region’s weeklong encampment, but I had been away from home for the past two summers, and I had nothing else going on. I was so weirded out though, milking cows, business, and Judaism? How was this going to work?


Rebecca CI binder outside_lrIn the first few hours after arriving at Camp Inc., and after I realized there were no cows (thank the stars), my fears faded away. My cabin mates were so sweet, the staff was amazing, and I had even started to make friends. By the first Shabbat, all 18 of us Mitmachim campers were a family. It wasn’t only the fact that there weren’t any cows, and that I was making friends, but I was actually learning a lot about business as well. I had this really sweet binder, my ideas were flowing, and the business specialists were amazing.


diabetech working w melissa_lrOn the bus coming back from the first field trip, I was sitting with my six new best friends and we were having a casual conversation about the fact that I’m a type one diabetic. I sighed and exclaimed, “I wish that there was something that could just make my life easier. Something that would make it so I would never have to check my blood sugar.” The ideas came out one by one, boom, boom, boom. We had a business, a product, and a way to make the world better, at least for a part of the world.

diabetech logo bw

We are now a week and a half into camp and I could not imagine a better place to spend three weeks of my summer. I get to work on something that I’m passionate about and something that will eventually benefit my life.

boating 2 boats w lake view_lr

I also get to learn about business and how to be a businessperson in Judaism while spending time doing things like archery, making many a friendship bracelet, hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains, and having Friday night dance parties. Camp Inc. is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich – a perfect mix of two random flavors – and I couldn’t be happier.