Everything Comes Together

Posted July 3, 2016 by

By Jack Rosenthal, Coding Specialistcoding_XPRO_0621_01


This past week has been a blast in the coding track. After we finished covering introductory material on Sunday, the campers headed to Boulder to learn about businesses there on Monday and Tuesday. Along the way, the Coding Track campers got to take a trip to Google’s Boulder office.


The Google trip was a hit. We got to learn about projects at Google, the different positions and roles at Google, and how the software engineers at Google communicate with their coworkers on their projects. The campers even got

a time to sit down and talk with a software engineer at Google that works on Google Drive, Rich Feit. They asked Rich questions about his job, and how they might be able to get a job at Google one day. I see some future Google
employees in our Coding Track!

After the Google trip, the campers started working on their projects they will be presenting “Science Fair Style” at Demo Day. Some highlights:

hotSprings!_day2_039_0630* Zach C is working on a version of Hangman which the computer cheats by selecting its word at the very end — called *Evil Hangman* [1]. It’s a late CS1 or early CS2 problem from Stanford’s Nifty Assignmens [2].

* Assaf has been working on a ncurses [3] 2D Pong style game with extra levels and features

* Cash completed his RPN calculator [4] and is currently working on a ncurses based breakout-style game. He is prepared to pitch either project at Demo Day.

* Brendan has been working on a computer that plays Black Jack against you –and counts cards! It’s a super fun game!

The list goes on… everyone else has very exciting projects ranging from computer programs which have deterministic conversations with you, to programs that help you manage your address book.

Demo Day is right around the corner on Monday. Wish us luck as we finish everything up!

[1]: http://coding.campinc.com/pages/evil-hangman.html
[2]: http://nifty.stanford.edu/
[3]: https://www.gnu.org/software/ncurses/ncurses.html
[4]: http://coding.campinc.com/pages/stack-calculator.html