Exclusive Interview with Camp Inc. Camper Yogev

Posted July 20, 2015 by

By Dan Baer, Camp Operations Officer

Gary & YogevTonight at Camp Inc., Chief Operations Officer, Dan Baer, interviewed 12th grade camper Yogev to hear more about his Camp Inc. experience.

D: Tell me about yourself.
Y: My name is Yogev B-Y. I am 17 years old, and I’m a rising senior. I have lived in Milwaukee for most of my life but I was born in Israel and lived there for 7 years. When I’m not at camp I enjoy playing soccer, being with friends, and the occasional video game (FIFA).

D: Tell me about your company.
Y: Pop Up Schools is a non-profit organization that goes into developing countries, specifically in Africa, in villages where there are no local schools to create a temporary school that focuses on teaching the community instructors on how to teach so that when we leave they can continue without us. Something no other organization does.

D: How did you come up with this idea?
Y: Dave, our business specialist, had us brainstorm problems in the world and we each had to take on a different one that the group wrote down. Zach and I took on the lack of education because we are both passionate about it and think it’s important. We thought about things that other organizations aren’t doing. There are lots of organizations that send teachers to Africa, but there wasn’t a sustainable model.

D: How long ago did you start working on Pop Up Schools?
Y: About a week ago I started working on this. I was first working on a different idea and switched my focus back to this.

D: How has it been to do all this work in such a short time?
Y: There’s a lot of pressure but it’s a lot of fun. I really like the idea, which makes it fun to work on no matter what.

D: There’s a 3rd member of your team, how did she get involved?
Y: Danya joined from the beginning as she was very into the idea of starting a non-profit. She had her own idea for an arts program. After seeing there was more support and a broader reach for the Pop Up Schools, she decided to join this group.

D: What’s the best piece advice you got leading up to your pitch?
Y: You really have to be passionate about what you’re doing. So many of our guest entrepreneurs shared this piece with us. Before I switched companies, I struggled with the work because I didn’t enjoy it as much. I am also motivated by my dad and my brother pursing their passions.

D: It’s the night before pitch day, how do you feel?
Y: I’m really nervous but I’m very excited. Tomorrow could be the day that the company could really start moving somewhere and taking big strides into the future.

D: What’s making you nervous about tomorrow?
Y: That I’ll be the one to mess up something in the pitch. Also, I’m nervous there’s a question that we aren’t prepared to answer from the panel.

D: With all of your nerves, what did you do at camp to help you relax?
Y: I started making friendship bracelets at camp. I just learned how and I really like it. I also love playing Gaga and 9-Square-In-The-Air.

D: Do you plan on continuing with Pop Up Schools after camp?
Y: I definitely do. It depends on my teammates and where we all end up after our senior year. I also want to keep working with EarPaws because they have a really cool product and I want to help my friends.

D: What’s your biggest takeaway from this experience?
Y: Definitely the business aspect. I’ve always had the idea of starting a business but kept having roadblocks about how much work it is. The biggest takeaway is that it’s possible to start a business at such a young age and to overcome the roadblocks. I’ve also realized how crucial it is to have a team of friends around me for support.

D: What would you tell someone who is interested in Camp Inc. in the future?
Y: Definitely do it! It’s been one of my favorite summers. The camp side, the business side, the friends I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, the new activites (bracelets and 9 Square). If you’re thinking about being an entrepreneur, this is the way to do. Get pushed to your limits in a fun camp environment; it’s the best.