Want to spend the summer…

-touring incredible companies?
-meeting inspirational business professionals?
-learning about code, design, leadership, or finance?
-launching your own startup and pitching investors?

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a track.

Campers spend 3-4hrs per day (depending on age) building skills within their core track. Choose between CTO (coding & technology), CMO (marketing & design), or CEO/CFO (leadership & finance) and surround yourself with the best and brightest minds in the business world.


2. Then launch a startup with other campers and pitch investors at the end of the session!

Part of the day is spent forming a startup company with campers from other tracks. Each team will decide on an amazing new idea, do market research, build a prototype, design a logo, figure out the company’s financials, survey potential customers, create an investor presentation, and then pitch their business to a panel of real investors on final demo day… just like on Shark Tank!

3. Learn more about our business program and tracks below.

Campers should choose a different track for each session they enroll for. Each age unit has a different program based on grade and prior knowledge. Entering 6th or 7th grade campers can choose either CTO or CMO. Entering 8th-12th grade campers can choose CTO, CMO, or CEO/CFO. Everyone gets to join a startup team in addition to their track!

The CTO Track
Become a software developer!

We live in an open-source society where coding is creating. Learn how to develop in Python, build databases, develop your own program, and gain a competitive advantage for college and beyond.

Campers will learn java and python, database architecture, and how to build their own software programs using Raspberry Pi computers.

Meet experienced developers, tour tech companies, hear from inspirational speakers, and then join a startup team as CTO and pitch your new company on final demo day! (available to campers 6th grade and up)

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The CMO Track
Dig into marketing strategy & graphic design software.

3D Printing 960x640


Why do people choose iPhone over Android?
M&M’s over Reese’s?

Marketing is the art of persuasion, and the science of data. In this track, campers dig into marketing strategies, and learn graphic design and 3D printing software.

Each camper will then join a startup team as CMO and be responsible for designing the logo, creating the marketing plan, surveying potential customers and more!

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The CEO/CFO Track
Become a great leader and learn to manage money.


Entering 8th – 12th grade campers can choose the CEO/CFO track and gain incredible leadership and management skills along with a true understanding of finance and investment.

Campers in this track will lead a startup team as CEO, and be responsible for reaching out to advisers, creating the presentation deck, determining the company’s financials, and managing their team.

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Everyone gets to launch a startup!
Build a team & turn an idea into reality!

Entrepreneurship starts with a great idea and a great team, so part of each day is dedicated to campers from different tracks joining together. This gives campers the opportunity to experience the process of launching a company from scratch.

Get the skills and tools needed to bring a product to market from some of the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the field.

Mentored by experienced and savvy entrepreneurs, campers will get hands-on experience in building a business plan, have one on one time with guest mentors, tour incredible startups, and get to pitch real investors at our final demo day! (part of the Camp Inc. program for all campers)

Click here to view past startup pitches.

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