First Tour of the Summer

Posted June 26, 2015 by

By Josh Pierce, Chief Camp Officer

Campers at IntelivideoWe spent the last two days in Boulder, CO – three and a half hours from Steamboat. Our trip was an incredible amount of fun and a learning experience for all. After a fun picnic and some sports at a park in Boulder, two Googlers took us on a behind the scenes tour of the Boulder Headquarters of Google. We got to hear about all the different projects being worked on and the future expansion of Google’s new offices which open in 2017.  From rooms lined with thousands of feet of climbing rope to meetings happenings inside of actual tepees, late 60’s Volkswagen buses and video conference rooms designed in the theme of Mork and Mindy, campers were amazed with the creative culture and atmosphere that exist within Google. We had in depth discussion with the Googlers about the company’s philosophy behind their office structure, working style, and how they treat their employees.

After leaving a publicly traded company valued at 400 billion dollars we visited a three year old company that is currently raising startup capital.  Brad Brown, founder and CEO of Intelivideo welcomed us into his offices and introduced us to his founding team. He discussed two previous companies that he built and sold and explained the full process for launching Intelivideo from scratch. The Camp Inc. campers traded off pitching their companies to the founders of Intelivideo to get feedback on their pitches. To let their brains settle down a bit we all went out to dinner and did some bowling on the Colorado University – Boulder campus.

After a great night of sleep at the Boulder JCC, we took a bus to Boomtown, one of Boulder’s hottest startup accelerators. Founder Toby Krout, detailed exactly what a startup accelerator is and does and took us on a tour of their space. A founder from BitsBox, one of their many portfolio companies, met us and gave their full investor pitch, then ripped it apart to explain to our campers exactly how you put a pitch together.

We did some shopping on Pearl Street and then headed back to camp.  Then entire trip was an incredible success and we’ve got hundreds of pictures to prove it!