For Good

Posted July 14, 2015 by


By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

Wuf QuestionsInspiration was all around us the last two days. The apprentices and the entrepreneurs went on a business trip to Boulder.

We started our journey on a coach bus at 7am in the morning. Although, the campers were tired they still managed to work on their businesses on our trip. We arrived at a park near Google and enjoyed some free time to play and eat lunch. Our first tour was Google. I was so impressed by the level of questions the campers were asking, everything from questions about firewalls, security, technical aspects, and even company structures. The campers were engaged the entire time. During our tour of Google we really got to see the extra perks that people get for working for Google. Google really wants their employees to be productive, happy, and want to stay at work. After our Google we headed to InteliVideo.

The campers had an awesome opportunity to actually upload some of their own how-do videos. The campers filmed videos the day before we left, and then took them to InteliVideo and actually put them up on their website. The campers loved putting their videos up on the website. Next we headed to dinner at c4c. Everyone loves having an endless buffet before them. With our bellies full we headed to the arcade. The campers and councillors had a blast winning tickets on a variety of games. After the games were done we headed back to the JCC to turn in for the evening.

Today we went to an awesome co working space called Galvanized. The creativity coming from the room was literally buzzing. We heard from Sean who is the founder of WÜF, which is a high tech dog collar. Again, I was amazed at the level of questions the campers were asking. They were all engaged and really interested in how theses mentors could affect their businesses.

Teju from the unreasonable institute was remarkable. He talked about his company which is promoting companies whose missions are social change. Overall, the campers were engaged, and more importantly thinking about how their businesses would help solve problems.

Camp is a remarkable place. Campers take innovation, add in some hard work, and then come up with solutions for problems they feel are important. These campers are our future and I am excited to see the places they will go.

Anna Smith is a Business Specialist originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but she currently lives and teaches in North Dakota. She loves to sing, dance, and cook. She enjoys finding the beauty in every situation.