It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Camp

Posted July 3, 2014 by

From the Desk of the Chief Fun Officer

3 in a boat_lrThe middle schoolers are here and we are finally a full community. Campers are sharing traditions and learning from one another. The dining hall is filled with chants, cheers, and impromptu dance parties just like it should be. Campers are kicking around soccer balls, shooting hoops, hiking, and taking full advantage of the beautiful lake. Dodgeball, kickball, and ping pong bring about friendly competition between teams. It feels right; it feels like how a summer camp should be. A place filled with ruach and smiling faces.


Pitch practice girl and boy_lrYes, the business teams are working hard and the pitches are being fine-tuned for Friday, where they will present at Spark in Boulder. However, none of these middle schoolers or high schoolers has forgotten the true meaning of being at camp. They are building relationships that will last way beyond the two or three weeks here. After the pitches are over the memories created over the dinner table, during bunk time, or at a pick-up volleyball game will still live on.


Song circle_lr

In the past week and a half with the high schoolers, and even in the past four days with the middle schoolers, I have seen campers go from standing shyly in the back to bursting out in song in front of the entire camp community. These things do not happen in the real world but only in the summer camp bubble. Camp Inc.’s bubble up high in the mountains creates an interesting mash-up of combining real time business with the silliness of camp. The bubble becomes a safe space for campers to flourish and do their best.


camp fire sing_lrI grew up at Jewish summer camp in Massachusetts. I know first-hand the impact a summer can have on a person’s outlook for the rest of the year. Camp can be a place where campers can not only recharge their batteries but also be pushed outside of their comfort zone. I am the person I am today because of my experience at a Jewish summer camp. I want to share my love of camp with the campers I work with this summer. I want them to experience all of the funny moments, the camp traditions, the inside jokes, the dress up days, and everything else that really makes camp a camp. I can only wish upon them the best summer ever and I promise to do everything I can to make that happen.

It’s beginning to Look a Lot Like Camp and I couldn’t be happier.