Kickoff to Session 2!

Posted July 8, 2016 by

By Josh Pierce, Chief Camp Officer

What an amazing arrival day for the second session of Camp Inc.!  We started the day with a handful of staff and 4 multi-session campers and finished with 39 campers, and 30 staff. The dining hall was full of ruach and sloppy joes!

The theme of the day was “Welcome Home”, and from the instant the bus arrived, there was music playing, every camper received a welcome home letter from the staff, and within 15 minutes each cabin was off on an scavenger hunt called “The Path Back Home” where they got to meet different staff members, tour camp, learn some camp songs, grab a snack in the dining hall, and of course…do a first day med check with Janice.247a9f3c-23f9-4a42-a211-b147cdc068c2

At the end of the evening, we had our opening campfire where every camper had a chance to tell the rest of camp what they were looking forward to and what their goals were for the summer.

Tomorrow starts our business and technology programming, as well as our electives, and we already have guest mentors visiting camp prepared to introduce our new campers to the world of business and tech. These first guests include an attorney, a Rabbi from Chicago, and a serial entrepreneur who is launching a new restaurant this summer.

Throughout the day, everyone will have a chance to do some recreational activities including rock climbing, gaga, hiking and more.

5afe4659-728f-48b7-86af-9c32c6850c8bAs I’ve said before, our goal is to return your Camp Inc. camper back home a better version of themselves through their new friends, business and tech experiences, and Jewish values.

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