Laughter is the Best Medicine

Posted July 31, 2015 by

By Jordan Steifman, Judaic Educator

Dalia LaughingI laugh harder and more often at camp than anywhere else. There’s something contagious about this happy, goofy atmosphere where, no matter how tired I might be from a long day, I can’t help but to be in high spirits. To me, having the ability to be silly and to be your true self without fear of judgment is a huge part of what makes camp such a magical place.

The other evening, I was wandering around the CI Café, and while most campers were intensely focused on their games of ping-pong, Bananagrams, chess, etc., I noticed the Explorer girls cabin congregated in a corner of the room. Curious about what they were doing, I approached them to say hi. What I saw when I reached them was a bunch of giggly 11 and 12-year-old girls writing lyrics to a song about rhinos. Yes, rhinos. Why? Just because. With Ari on the ukulele, and the rest of the cabin chiming in with improvised rhino rhymes, they were creating a song that, despite its wackiness, actually sounded great. With every new line thought-up came a wave of infectious laughter that could be heard throughout the whole café. Those silly nights are the essence of the camp experience—they’re what make being here so fun!

Tonight, as we enter into our first Shabbat of the session, all of Camp Inc. will come together as a kehila kedosha (holy community) to pray, sing, dance, laugh, and celebrate. We will infuse this sacred day with joy and ruach (spirit), and carry the intention of rejoicing in the presence of one another. Through prayer services, festive meals, song sessions and dance parties, we will let our happy, lively (and sometimes silly) sides shine through.

Shabbat Shalom!

Jordyn is the Jewish Educator at Camp Inc. this summer! She is originally from Long Island, New York, and has spent the past four years at The Ohio State University doing her undergraduate work in sociology and Judaic studies. She is thrilled about living in the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs for the next couple of months! She loves spending time outdoors, and can’t wait to do plenty of that at Camp Inc.!