Laying the Groundwork for Future Women’s History Months

Posted March 24, 2014 by

workshop pitchCamp Inc., a Jewish overnight summer camp for 7th to 12th graders, is celebrating Women’s History Month by laying the groundwork for the next generation of young Jewish women.

Women’s History Month is a worldwide annual event highlighting women’s contributions in history. As a way to promote equality among men and women in the classroom, office and society, Women’s History Month has prompted multiple educational events and programs all about women’s achievements.

Women’s History Month can be a contentious topic though, as some say women’s achievements should be celebrated year-round rather than only focusing one month on it. It’s a case for all “History Months” to be disbanded as just one month a year and added to the history books so nothing is left out going forward.

Workshop Teen Girls

To further the conversation, several resources exist for Jewish female teens such as the Jewish Women’s Archive, the Jewish Voice, and the Jewish Woman Entrepreneur … not to mention Jewish summer camps to get the ball rolling! Camp Inc. is dedicated to bringing Women’s History Month to life for Jewish girls beyond the history books by providing them with real life startup experience, strong business and leadership skills, and a supportive Jewish community.