Lessons Learnt at Camp Inc.

Posted June 29, 2015 by

By Dave Poussard, Business Specialist

Campers on the PatioOften when talking to business owners, those starting a business, and young entrepreneurs, I hear the same story; “why didn’t I learn business skills at school?”

Perhaps these business skills simply weren’t offered as a class. If they were, maybe these classes seemed boring and dry, and were less appealing. Perhaps there were business type subjects offered such as accounting and economics but they seemed unrelated to actually starting and running a business.


boy and girl working_lrAt Camp Inc. in Colorado, kids are taught invaluable business skills, but most importantly they are taught how a startup works, how to work as a team, how to overcome challenges, how to achieve the most with the least, how to get an idea off the ground, and the steps to turn ideas into reality. And, they do this all in just two and a half weeks!


Apprentices & Entrepreneurs at Intellivideo_lrIn addition to these hard leadership and life skills, these young entrepreneurs gain exposure to company founders, CEO’s, startups, business accelerators, and some of the biggest names in tech such as Google. Camp Inc. campers get to pitch their ideas to seasoned business founders, and receive feedback from experienced entrepreneurs who share their real life experiences of a startup environment and what it takes to build a successful company.


group hike single file_lrCamp Inc. campers receive the intangible benefits of meeting with experienced entrepreneurs to hear the successes (and, more importantly, the failures), and take away with them a new appreciation of what is possible. This new found excitement and passion for new ideas, new business ventures, and the notion that the campers, at their young age, can make a significant difference in the world, is one of the most important things they will leave with at the end of the session. Roll on summer at Camp Inc.

— Dave