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By Greg Sklar, Business Specialist

project work_lrToday at Camp Inc. we had magic all around. The morning started with the magical ideas of innovation. What are the most cutting edge innovations in technology, pharmaceuticals, transportation and just about any sector you can imagine?

We went beyond your wildest dreams.

The campers spent time getting up to speed on Israeli innovations, startup spirit and leaning what is happening in our culture and world at the furthest reaches of ideology; while getting closer to understanding what a startup can do for the future. Then, the campers took their imagination magic to the next step. They started to come up with their own ideas for businesses and boy this group is full of genius. I would share some ideas that came up, but they are confidential for now. You will just have to wait and see. All groups will be decided by tomorrow.

Greg, Josh, RayLunch time came around with a magical surprise too. Just after our first Inc. brainstorm period, I “randomly” went for a walk with my dog in the beautiful Steamboat hills outside camp and met Ray who is on a 1000+ mile horseback ride to Montana to support Heroes for Horses. They help Veterans return from war to learn to heal. Ray, who just returned from 10 years of service as a specials forces soldier, had no horse experience and in a year raised $20,000. He hopped on Mustang Sally (grey mare pictured) tied up with his two mules named Magic and Top Gun and started their journey. They were headed north from Colorado to the Montana ranch for Heroes and Horses. We hosted him for lunch and he was kind enough to chat about making dreams come true with all our Camp Inc. campers and staff. Anything is possible even with no training! Live your dreams yo!! Ray is! So be us at Camp Inc.!

Our night ended with a Harry Potter night complete with magic wand making, owl letters, and costumes.

A mule named Magic, a chance encounter with a magical man and magic wands with magic ideas, we hope you have the magic at home too.



greg_lrGreg Sklar is a Business Specialist returning for his 2nd summer. Greg founded and operates ICI, an incubator for environmental nonprofits and socially sustainable businesses. He has worked on over 115 businesses in the past decade including pioneering video on the internet, the countries largest wind power credit provider, tribal fashion, natural pharmaceuticals and wild horse protection. Greg comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Greg believes in magic. He hopes you do too.