Pitch Perfect 2… Camp Inc. Style

Posted July 22, 2015 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

Shark Tank Session 2 - 2Today was the second session pitch day. The pitches were remarkable! The campers were energized, excited, motivated, and most importantly passionate about their pitches. First let me tell you all about the process the campers had to go threw to get to this point…the perfect pitch day.

Two and half weeks seems like a good amount of time, but when you have to design a product, a logo, and a marketing plan, time simply flies by. The first few days of camp were all about team building and getting to know each other. However, after the campers were put into teams all bets were off. Every Inc period was started with some form of a lesson and then the campers took the information they had just received and turned in into action. Creating a slide deck for their pitch was a difficult task, but our campers went above and beyond our expectations.

After the decks were completed the real work began, perfecting their pitches. For the last few days of camp the teams have been working so hard to perfect their pitches. The business skills that they acquitted during this process are invaluable. Everything from who was going to say what, to what items were going to be on the slides was considered. The campers did not go at this task alone, they pitched their business to countless fellow campers, mentors, and staff. It was so exciting to see the difference in the pitches each time that I heard them. The difference alone from last night until today was remarkable.

Today the seven Camp Inc business teams entered the Chief Theatre with one common goal to put their best foot forward and deliver the perfect pitch. Did they stumble along the way? Yes. The important thing was they did not give up and they managed to prove that no matter how young you are, with hard work and dedication, (and a little fun too) anything is possible.

The campers have taught me many lessons in the past two weeks and I was very proud to see them on the stage this morning confident, strong, and most importantly working as teams. I have no doubt that these campers are going to change with world for the better.