Practicing What You Preach; Putting Skills to the Test and Learning my Own Lessons

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Practicing What You Preach; Putting Skills to the Test and Learning my Own Lessons

By: Ian Warren
This summer, I had the pleasure of working with young entrepreneurs by documenting their progress via video and photography, while teaching the design skills they need to use branding and marketing. Campers had lessons in typography, marketing, and graphic design.  It was incredible to see them get so excited about choosing a font or seeing their final product on demo day. (You can see more in this video .) As the Marketing Business Specialist at Camp Inc., I helped kids find their passion while they helped me find mine.


Since the end of Summer, I’ve been putting those skills to the test and learning my own lessons. Working hard to meet short and long term goals, I’ve been designing a brand for myself and researching the best client for those talents. At camp, I was able to hone my video skills enough to be comfortable putting myself out there. I created a video for a competition to become a correspondent for National Geographic’s Explorer Pr

_dsf2248ogram. Guess what! I have been chosen as a round-one candidate!


We were given three prompts to choose from for entry and, naturally, I chose one that aligns with my love for nature. In my video, I talk about the importance winter and snow play in mountainous ecosystems. I discuss parts of our culture that are threatening those ecosystems and emphasize how important it is to protect them. When educating the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, I believe it’s important to teach them about our planet’s delicate ecosystem and how entrepreneurship can be an agent for change.  Please visit to watch my video and maybe even share it! I look forward to seeing how the Boulder JCC and Camp Inc. continue to teach not only youth, but staff, as well.


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