Session 2 in Full Swing!

Posted July 11, 2016 by

We welcomed 39 Session 2 campers to camp and we have had an incredible time!Samson Jumping

Campers and Staff have had an amazing first Shabbat and then Camp Inc. jumped right into a regular full day schedule of Inc. Time, Cabin Time, Electives and Brain breaks.

Camp Inc. starts the day at flag with songs, flag-raising, Modei Ani, and news, followed by  breakfast of the season in the chadar ochel.  After breakfast, campers split into their chosen tracks of Start-Up, Marketing and Design, and Coding.  Campers had an opportunity to share what they were hoping to learn from their track and from their business specialists.  

galaad cookieElectives also started and campers had an amazing time!  The Culinary group made tres leches cupcakes. In the Outdoor Skills elective, campers put together a map, led staff to a yurt and learned to brush (clear) a trail.  In the Investment Elective, campers learned the lesson of not putting all of your eggs in one basket, understanding risk assessment, and the idea of diversifying investments.  They also learned the difference between venture capitalists and angel investors.

The Executive Boys (10th-12th grade) love playing cards together and with their counselors.  Apprentice Girls (7th-9th grade) played nine square, volleyball and gaga and Explorer Boys (6th-7th grade) played gaga as well.

During brain breaks, campers had the opportunity to choose from rock climbing, maker space and photography.sarah and shawn

Finally, our campers played a fun evening program last night called the Amazing Mermaid Race where campers traveled from country to country via boat.  In each country there was a food related challenge they needed to complete!  There was a falafel toss, a rice patty seek and find, a spaghetti paperclip challenge, a marshmallow Eiffel Tower, Venezuelan cookie move, and last but not least, the human burrito challenge.  They learned a ton about teamwork, mentorship and about each other.  There were even a couple of mermaids passing out secret treats during their journey together.

We are so excited for the rest of the session!