Shema Pitches

Posted August 8, 2015 by

By: Sarah “Zippy” Magida, Chief Fun Officer

IMAG0925This week’s Torah portion, Eikev (because), includes the text of the Shema (meaning “hear” this is the central tenet of Judaism).  Last week I wrote about the Six Word Memoirs that Jordyn had the campers write and about how the Shema is a sort of the Six Word Memoir of Judaism.  Thinking about the Shema in light of pitch day coming up, I realized that there is another connection to what we are doing here at Camp Inc.  Our campers all come up with a one-minute pitch for their companies.  These one-minute pitches are, in many ways, akin to the Shema.  The Shema is only six words long (or 12 if you count both lines), but when you include the entire v’ahavtah (meaning “and you shall love,” this is the prayer that follows the Shema, and is considered to be part of the same prayer), the prayer becomes so much more than just the six words.  The Shema is representative of the commandments, of Judaism, and of the journey that the Israelites took to get to The Promised Land.  So too, the companies that our campers have been creating over the last two weeks are so much greater than their one minute pitches.  The one-minute pitches, and even the pitches that we will see on Monday morning, are smaller representations of the whole that is the company that the campers have been working on.  They are representative of all of the learning that our campers have done over the past two weeks.  These pitches, like the Shema, represent something much greater than what they seem to be.  I hope that as I watch the pitches on Monday I am able to see the greater picture.  I hope that you will join in watching the pitches and looking for the bigger picture as well.