Spider Webs and Charades

Posted July 28, 2015 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

SpiderWebToday was the first official day of the third session of Camp Inc. The day started with all of the groups gathering together in the theater with an interview of the one and only Camp Director, Josh Pierce. One of the many learning activities at Camp Inc. are the mentor interviews. Normally, after the interviews, the campers break into their own INC groups based on the unit they are in. Today, however, we switched things up a little bit.

In the real world when you start a business with someone, you usually know him or her a little bit longer than 48 hours, not here at Camp Inc., however. Since the business process here is accelerated the getting to know you phase also has to be also. The purpose of all of today’s activities was to allow the campers to get to know each other a little bit and also to prepare them for what it is going to be like to work in teams. What better way to accomplish this, then to create giant human spider webs (see photo)?

The campers where divided into 4 groups and all given a ball of string. The first person threw the string to another camper, while shouting a fact about themselves. After everyone had a turn and the spider webs were complete, the campers then had to untangle themselves without dropping the string. Everyone seemed to have a really good time making and undoing their spider webs. Then in the afternoon we continued with getting to knowing each other by playing a guess who version of charades.

Teams of two had ten minutes to question each other and then the groups all formed one giant circle. When the campers where in the big circle, they each drew a name of another camper and had to act out the person whose card they got by simply reading their information. We had a few participates who decided to try to imitate some accents, and also some hobbies. The campers all had a great time and did a great job getting their peers to guess who?

Tomorrow the campers will brainstorm together and come up with their ideas for their businesses. After the various different activities of the day, I think they are more prepared to decide not only what product they will work on, but also with who.

Anna Smith is a high school teacher who specializes in Business, Social Studies, and Special Education. In her spare time she enjoys traveling around the world, taking pictures, and swimming. She comes from a large Italian family and loves to cook. This is her first time at Camp Inc. and she is excited to be here.