Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Posted June 23, 2015 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

boy and girl working_lrThe teams have officially been chosen and the campers have really started to hone in on their businesses.   You may be asking yourself, “How were the teams and products chosen?”  Well let me shed some light on the situation for you.

We wanted the campers to start thinking about products and service that they could use for their businesses, so we (the business specialists) decided to work backwards.  The campers were encouraged to think of problems in the world or things that annoy them.  Every camper came up with five “bug list” items.  I was really amazed by the different range of items that seemed to annoy them from wasting energy sources to having to actually type on a computer.  After the campers came up with their lists they were encouraged to think of products or services that would offer solutions to their “bug list” items.  The sky was the limit and there was “No Dream Too Big.”  A big part of Camp Inc. is being involved in the process and having the campers think backwards was an awesome way to see their ideas unfold.

camper funThe next step was to get the campers thinking in interesting ways, so we did a great activity called “product in a bag.”  Every camper was given a bag with 7 items in it.  These items ranged from red solo cups to a feather.  The teams had to use all seven of their items to create a product that would solve one of the problems on their lists.  The teams really came together for the project.  After they created some crazy solutions, we all made our way back to the Inc. space and there it was time to choose what products and businesses they would be working on for the next two weeks.  The campers are going to learn everything that it takes to create a business and pitch that business within two weeks.  Stay tuned for ideas that are not only practical and fun, but may revolutionize the way we solve some items on our own personal “bug lists”.

-Anna Smith


anna_lrAnna Smith is a Business Specialist originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but she currently lives and teaches in North Dakota.  She loves to sing, dance, and cook. She enjoys finding the beauty in every situation.