Join the Camp Inc. Teen Marketing Team and make money helping to recruit campers!


How It Works:

  • As a TMT member, you are helping to spread the word about Camp Inc. and being entrepreneurial at the same time!
  • We send you business cards, brochures (digital and physical), and a TMT shirt so you can recruit campers.
  • TMT members go through an over-the-phone training course in which they learn inside info about Camp Inc. and tips on how to best spread the word.
  • When perspective campers speak with us for the first time, or fill out a form online to get more info, they tell us the name of the person that referred them to us.  This is how we connect them to you.
  • We then pay you $100 for every registered camper you send to us!


  • Get paid $100 for each camper you refer (who actually registers for camp).
  • Payments are sent after the start of each session (to make sure the camper actually attends).
  • One referral fee is sent for each camper (even if they attend multiple sessions).
  • There is no limit to the number of referral fees you can get paid for.
  • Any new camper leads not currently in the Camp Inc. sales database qualify.
  • Camper leads can not be related to someone already registered for Camp Inc.

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