The 4 Questions About Camp Inc.

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Why is This Jewish Summer Camp Different from All Other Jewish Summer Camps?

Why a business summer camp?camp-project
It’s a well known fact that kids and teens who attend a Jewish summer camp become exponentially more involved in their Jewish community ongoing. In addition to offering the quintessential Jewish overnight summer camp experience, Camp Inc. chose to focus on business and entrepreneurship to fill a unique need in Jewish summer camp experience. It’s about infusing the personal Jewish values and ethics into a professional business setting.

As a business camp, Camp Inc. allows kids and teens to not only dream and create their own business ideas, but teaches them to turn their ideas into reality with a wide range of entrepreneurial skills.


Why is Camp Inc. an overnight camp?
One of Camp Inc.’s core values is K’lal Yisrael, which is described as shared community among Jews. Attending a Jewish overnight camp gives kids and teens the independence of developing and curating a tightly knit Jewish community in a short span of time. Oftentimes, overnight summer camp attendees will take back community development skills to their Jewish community at home, and be more active than when they left.

How “Jewish” is Camp Inc.?
It may sound like an odd question to some, but it’s legitimate for Jewish families of all denominations to ask before sending their child to Camp Inc. or any other Jewish summer camp. Jewish summer camps exist for all Jewish denominations and seek to blend traditional summer camp activities with Jewish traditions, culture, and religion.


Jewish summer camps have long offered the opportunity for Jewish kids and teens to connect with and learn more about their Jewish identity. This includes Tikkun Olam (taking care of the world), Tikkun Middot (taking care of yourself), and keeping the Sabbath each week. Camp Inc. is no different in that respect, but is unique in that it blends an extra level of Jewish identity and perspective by connecting campers with Israeli staff and startups to learn from.

Why host Camp Inc. in Boulder, CO?
The city of Boulder, Colorado, is naturally beautiful, and the Camp Inc. property located 35 minutes outside of Boulder up in the mountains is no different. At an elevation of 9,000 feet and with 135 acres, Camp Inc. “boasts an 8-acre lake for swimming, boating and fishing, natural rock climbing, archery, sports fields, miles of hiking, and incredible views of the continental divide,” as noted on Our Location page.

CampIncHelicopterForWebHowever, the natural beauty of Boulder, CO, and the Front Range isn’t the only reason Camp Inc. founded its location there – Boulder is known as an entrepreneurial mecca with such successful hard-hitters as TechStars, Boulder Ventures, Whole Foods, SendGrid, Celestial Seasonings, and many more. Not only known for its highly successful and already established businesses, Boulder is as abundant in tech startups as Silicon Valley … actually, more! In 2013, the Kauffman Foundation published that Boulder has the highest density of tech startups in the country. If that doesn’t demonstrate the prolific nature of Boulder’s startup scene enough, the City of Boulder regularly updates a list of community honors here that showcases all the business and entrepreneur stories Boulder is included in and even topped!

Still have questions? Check out the Camp Inc. FAQ page here or call our office directly at (303) 998-1900 ext. 117.