“The Business” of Boulder

Posted June 29, 2016 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist



7:45 am was the leave time on Monday morning.  The campers and staff loaded the buses, and headed down the road toward boulder.   The buses were loaded with camper’s clothes, book bags, pillows, and food, everything we would need for our two-day excursion.

The first stop was a small park right around the corner from Google.  All of the campers had the opportunity to enjoy their picnic lunch in the park, as well as some football and Frisbee tossing.  After the lovely stop in the park, the groups split into two teams.  The first team consisted of the campers who are in the coding track.  The second team was made up of the campers who are in the start-up and marketing

The coding team started down the block to Google.  The campers got a tour of the facilities and actually got to meet with a few real life coders.  They asked the coders tons of questions, and were very happy to probe the minds of the geniuses at Google.  The tour ended with the campers leaving their resumes with the coders.

While the second team headed to T/ACO, which is a taqueria in Boulder.  Peter Waters, who is one of the managing 20160627_153151partners in the restaurant, had a few tables reserved especially for Camp Inc.  Peter started by telling the campers his story about how he became involved in the business.  After he finished introducing himself and the restaurant, he moved on to a very important part of the tour…Chips and Salsa.  The campers really loved trying the various different kinds of salsa with the homemade chips.  Peter answered all of the campers questions and really gave them all some solid advice.  Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.  He does not sell tacos, he sells happiness, and he encouraged all of the campers to do the same.

After our separate tours, we all met up at Celestial Seasonings, a tea company that was founded in Boulder in 1969 by Mo Siegel.  The tour started in a tea tasting room, which was very interesting for some of our campers.  They all tried some unique blends they had never thought of before.  The tour continued through the factory and into the “Mint Room”.  The mint room is where all of the different kinds of mint is stored.  It was an eye opener for many of us.  After the tea tour we all headed to C4C at CU for dinner.

20160628_082412After the campers and staff were all full and happy we headed to the new Boulder JCC for the night.  The campers had an opportunity to play in the gym and release some energy.  Everyone got a good night’s sleep and were all-awake, alive, and motivated for the second day in Boulder.

After breakfast we headed to Boomtown, which is an accelerator in Boulder.  Shah, one of the founders of the accelerator, explained how the process of getting into the program helped both the entrepreneurs and Boomtown.  The campers asked lots of questions and had a great time learning about a different way to start a business.  After Boomtown, the campers had a little time on Pearl Street and then headed back to the JCC for lunch and a pitch by Bold Betty’s.

After lunch and the pitch, the buses were packed back up and loaded with campers and staff.  Although the trip was extremely informative and fun, everyone was ready to go back home to camp.


Anna Smith is a high school teacher who specializes in Business, Social Studies, and Special Education.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling around the world, taking pictures, and swimming.  She comes from a large Italian family and loves to cook.  This is her second summer at Camp Inc.!