The Growing Popularity in Specialty Summer Camps and Why You Should Attend Ours

Posted April 22, 2015 by

Once upon a time, kids were sent to summer camps, where they spent sunny days kayaking and riding horses, and rainy days were spent making crafts out of popsicle sticks and yarn. For some people, these days comprise their fondest memories; for others, seemingly random outside adventures and endless team sports was grueling and unbefitting their personalities. While these still exist in some form, nowadays specialty summer camps are popping up across the US and taking over the typical ‘summer camp’ vibe.

What Are Specialty Summer Camps?

A majority of specialty camps still include activities that traditional summer camps are known for. The difference is that specialty camps cater toward a particular kind of camper. There are camps for underprivileged kids, gifted kids, youth at risk and even those with specific health concerns. For example, there’s Camp Floyd Rogers which caters to the needs of diabetic kids to foster a sense of belonging and makes it easier for them to form friendships.

There are also camps that center their programs around specific interests, such as Camp Lohikan, a dance camp that holds classes in a variety of styles all day, each day of camp, and holds regular performances. The purpose of these programs is not only to entertain campers during summer break from school, but also to provide them with mental stimulation and practical skills in areas they’re interested in. In the truest sense of the phrase, the aim of these specialty camps is to “make learning fun.”

Searching for Jewish Summer Camps? Start Here

A number of specialty Jewish summer camps have also cropped up, catering to ambitious children in the Jewish community, such as URJ Six Points Sci-Tech Academy and JCC Maccabi Sports Camp. URJ Six Points encourages kids’ passion of scientific exploration through first-hand inquiry, while JCC Maccabi Sports works on enhancing their campers’ athleticism through individualized lessons.

For Jewish kids looking to gain real-world experience and practical entrepreneurial skills, there’s Camp Inc. This camp focuses on developing business skills, working hands-on with projects, and promoting a sense of community and confidence in youngsters entering grades six through twelve. With a backdrop of 70 acres of Colorado wilderness to explore, campers are immersed in a social climate of Jewish values and glean a sense of identity and leadership skills needed to uplift their communities. They’re introduced to a number of successful entrepreneurs from a vast array of industries and have the opportunity to visit local businesses and participate in such activities as “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions.

Why Camp Inc. is so Special

Camp Inc.’s reputation has brought in campers from around the country and garnered media attention — its programs have been featured on 9News, Huffington Post, Mashable, and more.

Attending a camp that specializes in your number-one interest, such as Camp Inc., won’t just result in memories that will last a lifetime; it’ll provide a direction and lifelong skills, too. These programs teach practical skills that can be used immediately and listed on college applications and resumes. After a summer in Camp Inc., kids will return home refreshed, knowledgeable, and prepared for the next academic year in ways they had never anticipated.

For more information on Camp Inc., or to register for Camp Inc.’s 2015 programs, check out our Experience page to learn more.