The Power of the Wave

Posted August 7, 2015 by

By Dave Poussard, Business Specialist to Entrepreneurs

22cb0f68-e80b-40f1-a61e-e4b8531f2285On a recent trip to Denver the Camp Inc. campers and staff had the please of visiting Coors Field, an iconic ball park located slap bang in the middle of downtown Denver.  Coors Field, home of the Rockies baseball team is named after the beer that is brewed just a few miles away in Golden, Colorado.

We received a personal introduction to the stadium by an executive from the Rockies.  Following this we were introduced to our host for the night Ken Babby, an owner of two AA baseball teams.  Ken gave us an insightful perspective on the business of baseball and the ups and downs of owing a professional sports team.

Following that we headed to our seats to watch the Rockies take on the Mariners.  By the fifth innings the Rockies were trailing and needed a bit of a boost.  The Camp Inc campers and staff decided to start a crowd wave and attempted on several occasions to get the rest of the crowd involved by all standing and raising their hands in the air.

Thirty or so people are not too many in a stadium of 35,000.  First attempt….fail, no one else was interested.  Second attempt…same result. Third attempt, a little traction, fourth attempt a few more.  Fifth attempt…boom, the wave takes off!

It travels around the stadium on the mezzanine level in a clockwise rotation…right field, second base, first base, home plate.  To the campers amazement it continues on, third base, left field, making its way back to us.  Here it comes, three, two one…everyone jumps up and waves their hands in the air.

The wave continues, this time with twice as many fans involved.  The excitement spreads to the upper and lower decks.  Now thousands of fans are jumping out of their seats and throwing their hands in the air.  Around the stadium it goes, with more and more people getting involved.  It swings back to us and we all jump out of our seats again.

Third time round we have most of the stadium jumping up in the air.  Lower deck, upper deck, pretty much everywhere.  At this point we have probably 30,000 people participating in the wave.  It continues around the stadium another two times.

It’s amazing to think that 30 kids could start something that touches 30,000 people, but that’s what we are doing at Camp Inc.  We are helping kids develop amazing business ideas that have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people.  We are teaching perseverance, determination and teamwork.  We are encouraging these kids to follow their passion and giving them the skills to succeed. This is the power of the wave.