The Process Has Begun

Posted July 8, 2015 by

By Anna Smith, Business Specialist

Zach off the bus“Suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”  Today started a new beginning here at Camp Inc. , new campers arrived and we have started getting into the swing of things.  Tomorrow will be our first Inc. sessions.  This will be a time when ideation starts.

The beginning of the session will start with a very exciting interview by our own Josh Pierce.  Josh has started several businesses and we are lucky to have him as one of our guest entrepreneurs.  Great leaders inspire action, and we are going to introduce our campers to some amazing entrepreneurs who have paved the way for them to succeed.  You may be asking yourself how, and I am here to tell you.  We will be doing an entrepreneurial scavenger hunt.

Campers will be introduced to some very famous entrepreneurs by solving simple puzzles and answering some questions that will be spread all over the camp.  Some of the entrepreneurs that campers will be identifying tomorrow will be Charles Schwab, Dave Thomas, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Debbie Fields, and Martha Stewart to name a few.  The scavenger hunt will allow campers to not only see the camp and get a better feel for where places are, but also start thinking about possible products or services that they would like to offer in their companies.

One of the super cool activities we do at Camp Inc. is we switch the campers thinking from what they want to make to the problems their products can solve.  Every camper will start making a “bug list”, this is essentially a list of problems they see in the world.  From that list, they all come up with ideas about ways to solve these problems.  In two short days, the campers will be put into their groups and they will start developing their products.  The process is fast and intense.  It is amazing how in two short days, our campers go from kids with an idea to full-fledged entrepreneurs.  It is a wild ride and I am glad I am along for it!

Anna Smith is a high school teacher who specializes in Business, Social Studies, and Special Education.  In her spare time she enjoys traveling around the world, taking pictures, and swimming.  She comes from a large Italian family and loves to cook.  This is her first time at Camp Inc and she is excited to be here.