The Top 6 Ways to Crowdfund Your Way to Camp

Posted May 5, 2015 by

By Mitten Lowe, Camp Outreach Officer

Pillowcase. Toothbrush. Stamped envelopes. Sunscreen. Sleeping bag. And maybe an extra pair of underwear. Check, check, check, and check it off the list as you pack your bags for an unforgettable summer at camp. Attending summer camp is one of the most life-defining experiences an adolescent can have, and Camp Inc. emphasizes that by providing campers with real-life entrepreneurial skills as they research, build, and eventually pitch a business idea to a panel of investors, “shark tank” style.

InSync-Camp#1-209While room, board, and hours of fun and education are included in the camp tuition, sometimes finding funding for that tuition can be a minor hurdle to overcome. But campers aren’t letting anything get in the way of their summer camp experience and are finding ways to raise money, fund themselves, and have the sleep-away shark tank and Shabbat experience they have always dreamed of. Take 11-year-old Cash for example. Using, Cash started a campaign to raise the necessary tuition and travel fees he would need to attend Camp Inc. this summer. Watch him tell his story HERE, or read about his crowdfunding endeavors in TIME magazine.

Have you been thinking about attending Camp Inc. but aren’t quite sure how to pay for this unforgettable summer? Follow Cash’s lead and fund your own way to Camp! Fundraising has never been easier with these top crowdfunding sites:

1. Over $790M raised for personal fundraisers. 5% deduction

2.* There is a 9% fee on the funds you raise; if goal is reached,

3. * offers a subsidiary platform at with no personal fundraising fees orpenalties.campaigns, it partners with PayPal and WePay which both charge a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for donation transactions. fee of 2.9% + $0.30 applies. per transaction applies.

4. the site itself does not charge anything for fundraising and processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 applies. 5% is refunded. 3% processing fee. $25 fee for international wire.

5.  Free accounts charge 5%, paid accounts are 3%. Processing

6. Processing fee of 7.9% (2.9% processing, 5% site fee) + $0.50


So, what do you get when you add up one airplane ticket, one camp tuition, and one crowdfunding site to make it all possible? A summer of unforgettable learning with leading entrepreneurs and weekly Shabbat celebrations. Start your campaign today, and don’t forget to pack those stamped envelopes so you can send thank you letters and pictures of your smiling face to all of your donors!