Top 3 Reasons Why Boulder is the Best Place to Build a Startup

Posted May 22, 2014 by

Over the past 50 years, Boulder has reeled in hippies, athletes, academics and foodies from all over – people thinking, and looking to live, outside the box. This eclectic melting pot makes the little town big on startups.


Boulder has gained quite the reputation as a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. Consider the city’s track record for giving birth to the kinds of companies whose branding is etched in the minds of millions of Americans: Horizon Dairy, Celestial Seasonings, StorageTek, and so many others. It’s no wonder that Inc. Magazine calls Boulder “an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Here are the top 3 reasons why Boulder is the best place to hatch a golden startup egg:

1. Boulder Offers Extensive Community Support

No community is more geared to support the little guy. Boulder is home to a special breed of educated and passionate citizens. In 2008, Forbes magazine ranked Boulder the smartest city in America.


Known for their modern and innovative perspective, Boulderites provided priority parking spots and charging stations for electric vehicles while the rest of the nation is slowly waking up to alternative transportation. Boulderites have all but outlawed plastic bags and boast having the world’s first Center for Hard to Recycle Materials. We could go on, but you get the picture: Boulder is one big think tank looking to make the world a better place.

Boulder is a place where people are willing to try something new and different; an attitude that permeates the town’s air and makes it ripe for successful startups to launch. Startups in Boulder are supported with community curiosity, enthusiastic advisors, and serious investment dollars.

2. Boulder Mixes the Perfect Blend of Entrepreneurs and Mentors

Maybe it’s the mile-high, clear-mountain air, the organic food or community of contemplative practitioners. It seems that there is no place better suited for brainstorming, laying out a business plan, or exchanging ideas.

Just this year, University of Colorado-Boulder, is playing host to the inaugural Entrepreneurship Games, featuring community outreach, actively recruiting entrepreneurial talent, and teaching the value of innovation. The university plays a key role in the city’s stimulation of ideas into fledgling businesses.

3. Boulder Nurtures Entrepreneurship

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A city renowned for its brain power, Boulder is host to Boulder Startup Week, an event that’s “all about showcasing Boulder’s community to the world – and celebrating the people and companies that make Boulder so awesome.” Event coordinators say that whether you’re a light artist, hacker, or sculptor, “you can find out what happens when makers mingle in the place where they create.”

This past February, Spark Boulder was also launched as the first Boulder co-workspace for entrepreneurial-minded university students to meet, host events, work, and build their own enclave within the Boulder startup community. Spark Boulder strives to give students the tools and opportunities needed to design, create, and innovate ground-breaking ideas.

Boulder’s track record for successful startups

Boulder is blessed with a unique complement of science and spirit — visionaries who see the big picture, and specialists who sweat the details. So how great is your idea? Ask a Boulderite and hold onto your thinking cap.