Top 5 Tips to be a Successful Teen Entrepreneur

Posted March 13, 2014 by

With more pressure than ever to acquire entrepreneurial skills earlier in life, Camp Inc. is an ideal overnight summer camp experience for kids and teens in grades 7-12 who want hands-on experience of creating and running their own business. Here are five ways Camp Inc. helps teens become successful entrepreneurs:

Create a Business Plan

Start by writing your business idea down. Let it all out on paper in a mini brain dump. Next, take your new business notes and make them as concise and to the point as possible. You want to identify what your business does, who it serves, and why it exists. This is the basis of your new business concept and mission.

It sounds simple, right? The mini brain dump is usually the easy part, whereas distilling your ideas into concise soundbites takes time and teaching. Camp Inc. staff help guide each camper through this fundamental business process of idea creation and branding.

Find a Mentor


Kids and teens labeled as Gen Z, also known as the “Internet Generation,” have more opportunity to find the right mentor than previously connected generations due to the vast resources available, like Skype, Twitter, Google Hangouts, and more social connection points.

After developing their business plans, at Camp Inc. the next step to connect each camper with their ideal mentor is critical. Mentorship is offered not only by the camp counselors, but also guest entrepreneurs and local partners such as Brad Feld of the Foundry Group and Mike Stemple, the Director of the Founder Institute – Denver.

Build Your Network

Increase your chances of finding the right mentors, investors, and promoters down the line by building your social and professional networks now. A broad network reaches beyond your closest circles of peers to others in the business world that have skills you and your friends might not possess yet.

0170_120808-FJC_x_xSurround yourself with other positive and creative individuals early on in your business startup, such as at the overnight Jewish summer camp Camp Inc. Everyone needs help at some point, and with the right people around you at the right times in your business the odds of success increase dramatically.

Stick to Your Idea

It’s no surprise that running a business takes dedication and discipline. With long hours, unforeseen hurdles, and a lack of immediate results, many new entrepreneurs are mentally tripped up in the beginning stages of their new business. Most startups that fail in the beginning are because founders get bored with their initial business idea or become discouraged with the amount of work and patience required.

When it comes to bringing a new business idea to fruition (and sticking to it), Camp Inc. teaches campers leadership skills, which include tactics to stay motivated, financial management tips to not become overwhelmed, and how to handle daily challenges to the business.

Understand the Importance of IRL

Teens PresentWhile Camp Inc. understands the importance of connecting people online and the innovation of building a business online, Camp Inc. is passionate about supporting campers with business experience ‘in real life’ (IRL). This means campers get to meet successful entrepreneurs, tour local startups and successful businesses, and participate in team building exercises with their fellow campmates.

With an aim to provide campers with a unique Jewish overnight summer camp experience, Camp Inc. wants each and every camper to be successful in both the creation of their business ideas and their subsequent entrepreneurial reality. Check out the upcoming overnight summer camp programs with Camp Inc. here.