Two-Session Camper: The Fun Never Ends

Posted July 31, 2014 by

Oz & Eitan_lr

By Oz Markman-Raffeld, 8th Grade, Two-Session Camper, 2014

My name is Oz and this is my second session here at Camp Inc. this summer. It’s different but in a good way; new kids and a different experience. I hear from interesting entrepreneurial people and Jewish figures such as Rabbis, who have gone through unexpected twists and turns throughout their lives.


staff - Lior and Casey_lrThe counselors and directors here are more than counselors; they are my dear friends who put their entire heart into everything they do with us campers, from just talking, to doing all the fun and exciting activities with us. I don’t find them bossy or mean, like some counselors at other camps, I find them likeable and super friendly. For example, I have two counselors, one named Lior, and one named Casey, and I know that they are those people in my life that I will remember forever. Josh, the camp director, puts both feet in the ground and stands firmly. He is always thinking of how to make camp life and camp activities more thrilling. Right now he is talking behind me about a plan to make these rainy days a blast for us.


mentoring_lrWithin the business aspect of camp, I am now creating my second business with four friends. We have amazing business specialists who work with us to create an outstanding product that we can easily pitch to real investors. Every day brings something new. Yesterday we had delicious burgers, and today we are having pasta. We had a dodge ball tournament one night and another we had a nice peaceful hike. We work on different business skills every day and learn something new about every hour. We have nice Shabbat services and awesome dance parties where the campers can be the DJ.


Oz rockclimbing_lrThe fun never ends here at Camp Inc. I truly appreciate the things I have learned here at camp.