Unplug This Saturday & Reconnect with Shabbat During the National Day of Unplugging

Posted March 4, 2014 by

We are constantly connected. Excessively so with our faces always lit by the unnatural light of our phones and gadgets, our fingers strained from hours of typing and texting, and our inability to disconnect from technology even in situations with friends and family such as dinner.

CampInc Unplugs

We all hear this lament often, but how often do we actually do something about it? More often than not, the majority of us file it away and assure ourselves we’ll “get back to it.”

At Camp Inc., we all understand that feeling of seemingly being too busy to ever let ourselves disconnect (especially with our inaugural summer overnight camp starting up this June!). However, the National Day of Unplugging represents a core value we hold dearly at Camp Inc. – that of being closely integrated with technology throughout the week; then embracing the opportunity of Shabbat to shut down our phones and computers, reflect on the week, and connect with one another.

National Day of UnpluggingWhat is the National Day of Unplugging?

The National Day of Unplugging is a 24 hour period – running from sunset to sunset – and starts on the first Friday in March, this year March 7-8. Knowing that we live in an ever-connected world that is fast increasing with new technology, the founders of a company called Reboot started the National Day of Unplugging to bring a different understanding of Jewish identity to a young audience of teens and twenty-somethings.

Here’s the challenge:
Unplug yourself from your computer, phone, gaming system, and everything else that is electronic, for 24 hours this Friday, March 7, through Saturday, March 8.

It sounds simple, right? Just one day where you truly put the phone, remote, and computer down … and leave it for 24 hours! It’s a modern spin on bringing the idea of keeping the Sabbath to a wider and younger audience that may currently be disconnected from Jewish life. It’s understandable that for some – especially teens who are online several times each day, mostly on social media – it would cause heart palpitations. Therefore, we have several ideas to help you enjoy your unplugged day!

4 Ideas on How to Pass the Time During the National Day of Unplugging:


  • Revisit Your New Year’s Resolutions: Pull out that tattered list of New Year’s resolutions and write down your progress.
  • Reconnect with Your Neighborhood: Take a walk and explore the streets, trails, or stores around your local area.
  • Meet Someone Face-to-face: Forego updating social media networks like Facebook and Twitter and instead sit down with friends in person to chat.
  • Read a Printed Book: Leave your Kindle or Nook in its resting spot and crack open a printed book.


How will you unplug?
Join Camp Inc. and take the pledge to unplug this weekend at the National Day of Unplugging’s website! To learn more about the unplugging movement and its origins, check out the Sabbath Manifesto’s website and follow the Sabbath Manifesto crew on Twitter.