Week 1 at Camp Inc.

Posted June 25, 2015 by

By David Poussard, Business Specialist

Apprentices & Entrepreneurs at IntellivideoBusiness teams are being formed, ideas are flying back and forth across the room, and the energy is high. Welcome to the first week of Camp Inc.

Set among the beautiful emerald mountains of Steamboat Springs, Colorado is Camp Inc. Here you will find a group of kids, who have traveled from all corners of the country to learn about entrepreneurship, hang out with like minded peeps, and have fun.


pyramid_lrThe countdown to pitch day has started. In less than two weeks these start-up teams of young entrepreneurs will need to have developed a winning business idea and be ready to pitch their concept to a group of seasoned business professionals. During the process these young entrepreneurs will develop skills to research their concepts and analyze markets for their product or service. They will learn how to market and sell their idea, build financial models, and conduct market research. They will learn how to work as a team and discover their own strengths and weaknesses and that of their team. They will develop their design skills and work on their presentations in preparation for a winning pitch to present to would be investors.

They will find new friends, climb rock walls, play games, and hike mountains. They will hear from and learn from seasoned entrepreneurs.  They will be energized and challenged by their instructors and their teammates. Most of all they will have a fun. Welcome to the first week of Camp Inc.!