What Makes Camp Inc. Different Than Other Colorado Summer Camps?

Posted April 24, 2014 by

As summer is fast approaching, how will you select the right overnight summer camp experience in Colorado with so many to choose from? In an effort to help you whittle down the competition (and possibly sway you), we’ve compiled some key points on what makes Camp Inc. different than several leading contenders in the overnight summer camp arena.

Fun in the Sun During Overnight Summer Camp

rock-pointFirst off, it seems fairly obvious to point out that during summer camp you probably want to enjoy one main thing first … summer! Such overnight summer camps that focus on the outdoors hit the nail on the head for this point. For example, Cheley Colorado Camps own over 1,300 high-country acres near Rocky Mountain National Park and are surrounded by snow-capped peaks that reach to 14,000 feet. Since 1921, the historic Cheley Camps have provided kids and teens from 9 to 17 with a summer filled with hiking, backpacking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and so much more.

While Camp Inc. also boasts of 135 acres of high mountain property and incorporates swimming, hiking, and other outdoor activities, they are located only 35 minutes outside of Boulder, CO, for easier access to local startups and successful businesses. Camp Inc. is dedicated to providing a top-notch business program during the traditional overnight summer camp experience to fuel the fire of entrepreneurial minded kids and teens while still having fun.

Understanding What It Takes to Build a Community

iStock_000012481039XAs Camp Inc. is a new Jewish overnight summer camp, it’s important to also compare apples with apples when it comes to the Jewish community aspect of summer camp. Ramah Outdoor Adventure at Ramah in the Rockies is another Jewish summer camp that provides two and four week camping experiences for Jewish children (ages 8-17) of all backgrounds. Ramah is different in that they also have a program for “children with developmental disabilities that allows them to participate in camp alongside their neurotypical peers,” according to their website.

While Camp Inc. knows the importance of building a strong and welcoming Jewish community, being a business-centric summer camp allows them to provide 7th-12th grade campers with a unique Jewish overnight summer camp where campers learn to interweave not only their personal lives with strong Jewish values, but also their evolving professional lives. At Camp Inc, campers develop community, confidence, leadership, and Jewish identity through hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and business.

A Well-Balanced Approach to Working With Others

Known as the longest running camp in Colorado, Camp Chief Ouray provides “opportunities for growth in spirit, mind and body on 5,100 acres of fields, streams, trails and mountains,” as noted on their website. Run by the YMCA of the Rockies, Camp Chief Ouray was founded in late 1907 and has several programs focusing on leadership and character development (among other program elements).

Teens Present Idea_web

Camp Inc. aims to take leadership and group dynamics to the next level by having campers actually start a business and form a foundation to give money to non-profits of their choosing. Campers work together to launch a product or service using the skills and tools learned through daily team challenges, interactions with guest entrepreneurs, tours of local businesses, and weekly “Shark Tank” style pitch competitions.  This is character development in real world settings.

Want to learn how to start a company while at overnight summer camp? Camp Inc. is a new Jewish overnight camp where teenagers from around the world join together to explore what it means to be an entrepreneur. Learn more about the upcoming Camp Inc. summer sessions here.