What Makes Camp Inc. Special

Posted July 29, 2014 by

By Eitan Galper, 10th Grade Session 2 Camper, 2014

Eitan & Jared archery_lr

Ever since I was a kid, I have been an entrepreneur. In sixth grade, I started my own eBay business selling my old Pokemon cards and eventually expanding into larger items.  After taking a break from eBay, I was always brainstorming new potential business ideas.


When Dan visited my school, Gann Academy, and told us about Camp Inc., I knew it was the perfect camp for me. Since getting here just twelve days ago, I have met more business people and received more advice than most grown adults ever get.


Scott Peppet advising_lrFor example, last week we visited the HUB in Boulder and met with a software engineer who gave his feedback on my business, Custom Plate.  In addition to the HUB, we also met with Scott Peppet, an angel investor, who said himself that he only listens to pitches of people who he has met before or have a mutual contact. Thousands of entrepreneurs would be thrilled to meet with him, and I had the honor of receiving his business card when I’m only fifteen years old.


spaghetti marshmellow tower_lrThis is what makes Camp Inc. so special. I am learning many important business skills that I will use in my life, as well as establishing business connections with people who will help me in my entrepreneurship journey. Thank you Camp Inc., for making this a summer of learning, friendship, and entrepreneurship.